How to become a film composer

If you are into music, but don't see yourself playing at concerts and being someone's backups singer or musician, then you should think about getting into the film industry. It is nowadays a highly wanted position that film makers are starting to recognize more than ever before. New techniques have been developed and previous movies have proven that music can bring up to 20% more people to see the movie. But those must not be songs, because just music, without lyrics makes a better impact and is more likely to be remembered. In case you are wondering how you can get into this and start working as a movie composer, then you should read this and start working on it right now.

It is not easy at all

The first thing you need to do, in order to become a composer one day, is to learn to play at least two instruments. That will give you an idea of what it actually looks like to be on the other side and to play what you created. The next thing is to get a music degree but in classical music or composing, not those modern types and programs. Even an internship at a philharmonic or opera would be quite fitting and give you a more detailed view on how it all works.

After finishing school you are now able to work, create and actually be paid for it. So get to work, go to Hollywood, make friends, meet people, engage and try to show them how good you are. Be always right there and ready to compose, because they will want that. Who knows maybe you will become the next Victoria Kelly or even one of the greatest film composers and musicians the world has ever seen. Either way you will have plenty of work and creations to do which may bring people to tears or bring them happiness.