One simple melodic figure forms the basis of the piece, based on a sound that she has made since she was born. This piece explores the things contained in that simple communication and the instinct that created it. It is a sound and a sentiment that my daughter will eventually learn to conceal, though I suspect it will resonate in her somewhere, permanently. Through her, I was inspired to search for the things that I too have learned to conceal and in this piece I explored how those deep experiences form our identity and allow us to communicate with each other in the most simple and fundamental ways.


The inspiration for this piece was the birth of my daughter and the way in which she and I forged understandings without words from the moment of her conception. The Fantasia have made this trek many times, but this time they have a secret mission - to bring back the solar converter which powers Solis, the centre of human civilisation. They bring magical powers and a bright hope, but they also bring new dangers for the Fantasia in the form of foreboding warriors, determined to stop them.

I chose to present a landscape inspired by the main character from a television animation that featured in my childhood - The Goodnight Kiwi - who appeared at the end of broadcasting every night to close down the television station before climbing up to sleep in a satellite dish. Thousands of New Zealanders remember this animation very fondly. It had a sweet kind of finality that captured my imagination.

As I was writing the piece, my mother was approaching the end of a long illness and she and I were going through a process of looking through old photographs, telling the stories that accompanied them, reflecting on our past selves and wondering what lay ahead. This piece is an emotional landscape, the nostalgia of an old photograph with the unknown hovering in the periphery.